1. Are Not

    I cannot tell you
    what you are, but I can
    say what you are not –
    And you are not
    so many things:

    You are not serendipity,
    you are not footsteps
    on pavement, you are not
    grinding teeth.

    You are not erectile
    disfunction, you are not
    orgasmic, you are not
    auto-erotic asphyxiation.

    You are not broken, you
    are not porcelain and
    you are not fragile, but
    you are not strong.

    You are not yesterday,
    nor the day before that,
    nor the day before that,
    nor the day before that.

    You are not stolen,
    you are not photographs,
    you are neither stardust
    nor moonbeams.

    You are not heartbeats
    and you are not sighs,
    you are not earthquakes
    and you are not phantoms.

    You are not salvation,
    you are not 40 ounces
    of freedom, you are not
    any ounces at all.

    You are not graffiti,
    you are not permanent
    but – rejoice! – you
    will not be painted over.

    You are not scars and
    stretch marks, you are not
    sunburns and pressure bruises,
    you are not a mistake.

    You are not dreams,
    not even the beautiful ones,
    but especially not those
    shattered and stillborn.

    You are not inebriation,
    you are not “getting by,”
    and you are not
    giving up.

    Your whole is greater
    than the sum of all parts
    now and still to come –
    things repeat, combine,
    change, remain the same –

    but you –
    you are everything, and
    nothing, that matters.

    © 2013 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller